Pic FR3B

Pic FR3B Fly Ribbon

  • Model Number: FR3B
  • UPC: 072477980109
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  • Web SKU: 100081776
  • Pic FR3B Fly Ribbon

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Pic FR3B

Pic® fly ribbon catches flies indoors or outdoors. Easy-to-use warm tube in hands to facilitate removal of the ribbon. Remove the thumbtack and carefully set aside. Hold the red loop and pull down the tube slowly with a twirling motion until the ribbon is fully exposed. Hang the ribbon by placing the thumbtack through the red loop and place anywhere flies are a nuisance.

Color    :    Light Yellow
Form    :    Paste
  • pdfSDS https://assets.unilogcorp.com/187/ITEM/DOC/Pic_100081776_SDS.pdf
  • No poisons or vapors
  • Hang in barn, garage, porch or food areas
  • Trap flying insects